Australia's Best Handpiece Repair Service

Shipping Instructions

Using the Handpiece Hotline Free Reply Paid Pack:

  • Order a Reply Paid Pack
  • Follow the instruction on the pack and read carefully
  • Fill out all the boxes
  • Mail the bag at an Australia Post mailbox

Using the Reply Paid service:

  • For small packages only
  • Reply Paid Mail does not include tracking or insurance; please arrange a different courier and insurance if required
  • Mail to: Reply Paid, Handpiece Hotline, Locked Bag 5045, Australia Post Business Centre, 10 Ralf street, Alexandria, NSW2015


Using a pick-up service with Handpiece Hotline:

A booking will be made by us to pick up your consignment or repair
The courier will give you a consignment note to complete, noting our (Handpiece Hotline details)

Please use this Shipping label

Please retain a copy of the Consignment Note for tracking purposes.

  • Handpiece Hotline, being the receiver, will not have a copy of the booking number.
  • The booking number will be advised to you by the courier at the time of pick-up.
  • You, as the sender, are responsible for the completion of the consignment note and retaining a copy.
  • You are also responsible for the packing of this equipment – please ensure that the box and packing material will protect the equipment. Handpiece Hotline¬†will not be responsible for damage incurred in transit.
  • Handpiece Hotline are¬†not responsible for any consignments that may be lost in transit.